Dragons, iglus and The End: Minecraft came to version 1.0

Mojang recently released Minecraft's long-awaited Ender Update in Windows 10 and Pocket Edition.

Dragons, iglus and The End: Minecraft came to version 1.0

The new update introduces The End to the game in these versions, along with the Dragon Ender and more. Most importantly, the update finally brings the version number of the game to 1.0 in Windows 10 and Pocket Edition. Support for the Oculus Touch controls has also been added

This is a milestone since Minecraft is a game with different versions for various platforms, and all have evolved far apart from each other in terms of features and content. This has changed considerably over time, and Mojang has announced that parity between versions would come with version 1.0 for mobile devices and Windows 10.

Along with all the content related to The Ender, the update also introduces iglus and polar bears to the game.

Perhaps the fact that this is version 1.0 may lead some players to wonder if this will be the last update, even more so considering the name "Ender Update". In addition, the company said that defeating the dragon may be for many fans the ultimate goal in Minecraft. But do not worry, because Mojang makes it very clear that there are still many new things to come.

The End (or The End) is a Minecraft dimension
The End (or The End) is a Minecraft dimension. It is an island made entirely of Stones of the End that floats in a dark space and is inhabited by the Endermans and the Ender Dragon.

Similar to the Nether, there is no day and night in place, there is only constant light. Most items and blocks (including fluids) work in The End in the same way as in the normal world, with some notable exceptions: the compasses will not be able to find the respawn point, clocks will not be able to determine the position of the sun, Appear correctly, only static mapping, beds will explode and cause a fire when used and portals to Nether will not work.

To reach the dimension, the player will need to collect up to 12 pearls from the end, killing Endermans and craft the end eyes. All items and objects related to the island were also included.

What's new in version 1.0:

  • The End, including the Dragon Ender, the End Towns, End ships, the new Shulker monster, purple, choir plants and the coveted elytro wings
  • New festive mix package: The first mix to arrive in this edition. Includes a package of skins, textures and festive world
  • Double the height! Now you can build up to 256 blocks in height
  • Iglus and polar bears for their winter explorations
  • Support for Oculus Touch controls

It's a great update, important to all squiggle game fans, and also includes this year's holiday mix package. You can find Minecraft in Windows 10 or Pocket Edition in the respective app stores below:

Minecraft - Pocket Edition

Developer: Mojang

Price: paid - offers on-site shopping 

Size: Not available / 147 MB / 80,17 MB
Google Play Minecraft Apple Store Minecraft Windows Store Minecraft


Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition

Desenvolvedor: Microsoft Studios

Price: paid - offers on-site shopping

Size: 156.2 MB - 177.86 MB
Windows Store Minecraft

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