Minecraft Fallout - Mojang Announces DLC Launch

Minecraft Fallout - Mojang Announces DLC Launch

Minecraft is a game that has already proven to be a success and among players win from the new ad mojang about game RPG category, Fallout also undoubtedly and a more iconic series that has won many fans around the world.

Minecraft Fallout Edition

The new fallout themed package that is available for all Xbox consoles, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita will cost the equivalent of $ 5.99 USD. Check out the trailer below.

Now minecraft will have every Fallout universe, aim of the new package and transform the world into a Wasteland replica, that is, an infertile zone, stuffed with mutants and other post-apocalyptic creatures.

The Fallout edition of Minecraft includes 44 skins, including Fawkes, Nick Valentine, Tom Tinker and Vault Boy.

Something that is also very cool is that even the original soundtrack of the RPG will mark presence in Minecraft! In addition to the Fallout characters, several locations with known saga scenarios will also be available, being a full plate for players and fans of both titles.

Mojang did not disclose the DLC's release date, merely stating that it will be "coming soon".

View: TeamMojang

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