'Minecraft' will allow you to make money with your creations

Minecraft will allow you to make money with your creations

You've certainly seen here a hundred or so news of fanciful creations in the open-world "Minecraft" game. From functional applications to a whole world, almost everything has been built in detail by the tireless players of the game.

Now, what was once a simple exercise of creativity and minecraft, can become a source of income.

Microsoft, the owner of the brand, launched this week a virtual store for independent developers of "Minecraft." In it, it is possible to put on sale, for real money, creations, texture packs and other types of additional content for those who want to buy and add to the game itself.

For now, however, the platform is in the testing phase. The debut of the public beta will happen for Android users by the end of the month, with a series of creations, maps and other content selected by Microsoft itself. Over time, the plan is to open up the virtual marketplace for any developer to make money from their works.

In addition, transactions will be made using a virtual currency, which can be purchased in exchange for real money. Over time, purchases made on one platform will be available in all others, so a build purchased on the PC can also be used in the "Minecraft" for Xbox, for example.

The novelty is also a way to make the game franchise (which is already one of the best-selling games of all time) to generate even more profits for Microsoft. The company acquired rights to the title in 2014, when it bought Mojang studio for $ 2.5 billion. "Minecraft" has sold more than 122 million copies, according to the developer herself.

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