Play Pokémon Game Boy inside Minecraft

It is not new for those who know Minecraft well that it is possible to build well elaborated devices within the game itself.

In addition to gigantic world, the community has already created a mobile capable of making video calls, a video game that runs the first phase of Pac-Man, an iPhone that "works" and more. However, the creation of the above video surprises because of the ambition and complexity of the project.

Reqaug, a Reddit user, has created a machine inside Minecrafr that is capable of running Fire Red Pokémon for Gameboy Advance. This device even has exactly the look of the portable console, a beautiful "homage" to the device that was certainly part of the childhood / adolescence of many players.

In development Game Boy minecraft

The creator of this project explains that the game is still in a rather rudimentary phase, with the absence of several important mechanisms, such as combat system, dialogue and other aspects of the game. However, the idea will be even greater than the original title, since it will rely on a scenario maker and the option of replacing textures.

According to Reqaug, this "Virtual Game Boy Advance" is only possible thanks to the concept of layers of block structure, a recent addition to Mojang's game. The creator emphasizes that the project is still under development and will receive constant updates in the future to look more and more like a real emulator.

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