Youtuber creates Atari 2600 emulator Pac-Man and Donkey Kong in Minecraft

One of the things that draws players closer to Minecraft, apart from the interesting graphics in block form, obviously is the possibility to play in an open world, building and inventing the first thing that comes through the mind.

However, the SethBling youtuber really managed to outperform and created an emulator of the late Atari 2600 fully functional - that is, without the help of mods - within the Mojang title.


To build this contraption were used thousands of command blocks, which leads to believe that the youtuber spent a good time, if not months in this project. Not to mention that SethBling still developed the games "Space Invaders", "Pac-Man" and "Donkey Kong" adapted for the platform.

In the video below, youtuber explains in more detail how the whole creation process was, noting that for the cited cartridges materials such as stone and earth were used, each block representing a certain binary value, later being used to assemble the code of each game .

If you were excited to have this emulator, youtuber made the downloadable world available to help those interested in creating their own ROMs for the emulator. But keep in mind that while the Atari 2600 worked at 60 frames per second the emulator takes about 4 hours to do the same, not to mention that there are no gamepads for that.

But the work of the youtuber is nevertheless formidable, especially if we take into account the patience necessary to create something like that.

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