Best Minecraft Seeds For Minecraft 1.16 Nether Update: Amazing Nether Spawn & Fantastic Biomes

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This Best Minecraft Seeds for Minecraft 1.16 Survival gives you a seed that has SO MUCH to offer in both the Overworld AND The Nether too!

In todays episode of the BEST Minecraft seeds for Minecraft 1.16 Survival, with Avomance, I am bringing you a TOTAL cracker!!

This Top minecraft Seed candidate has everything you could possibly beed for Minecraft 1.16 survival... great Biomes close to spawn, good farming structures, spawners and a brilliant Nether Spawn too with all the biomes and structures close by

Its definitely a great candidate to be the Best Minecraft Seed for Survival in Minecraft 1.16


To get this seed, simply type the following into your seed box on the opening minecraft menu, like I did

Yep - not a number, a word
This is a Java seed, sorry Minecraft Bedrock players, although it MAY work on Bedrock too... sometimes they do!
Let me know!

Lots of Bedrock seeds for you in this Playlist though!

Give them a try too!


You can find the ENTIRE Best Minecraft Seeds playlist here, for both Java and Bedrock:

Some AMAZING Seeds for you to visit!


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Minecraft is a creative building game created by Mojang. The creators, who go by the names of Notch and Jeb in game, sold the company to Microsoft for a MASSIVE amount of money. Notch is no longer associated with the game, Jeb still is (as I write this)
It allows the payer to build and mine in a format of blocks of different types to create ever more complex constructions. As the game progresses, you can combine blocks to create more useful objects to help you on your adventures.

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