How To Convert Minecraft Java Resource Packs Into MCPE 「Patrix, NAPP, Stratum, Realistico And So On」

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Title: How To Convert Minecraft Java Resource Packs Into MCPE 「Patrix, NAPP, Stratum, Realistico and So On」

► Greetings. Since I have been using some Java Texture Packs on MCPE on my previous videos, many people has asked for a detailed tutorial on How To Convert Minecraft Java Texture Packs Into MCPE. It's very simple. You just have to drag'n'drop the zip file in the website and it will convert the texture pack itself. After that, simply install the convert bedrock version that'll work on Minecraft Pocket Edition/Windows 10 Edition. If you're still confused, hopefully this video will help.

► You can convert almost any Java texture packs but the look of it won't be same as Java. And there still might be bugs and missing textures because all Java texture packs aren't made in the same way. Just keep that in mind.


Information 00:00
Tutorial 00:33
Stratum 1:45
NAPP 1:51
Realistico 2:14
Patrix 2:25
Ending The Video 2:35
Outro 3:02

• Java To Bedrock Conversation Website:

[Java Resources Used In Video]

► Note: All of these texture packs have their free and paid version. I only used the free versions in the video and you can find all versions in these websites. If you are willing to pay, I recommend trying these out on Java instead for the best quality.

•Patrix Texture Pack:

•Stratum Resource Pack:

•NAPP [Free version is in their official discord]

•Realistico 1.12:

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♬Music Credits:

Aria Math | FC Minecraft Remix:

I would like to express my deepest gratitude for watching the video. My next shader related video should be uploaded soon. Hopefully I'll see you their. Have a great day and a peaceful life.

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