How To Install [Pixelmon Mod 3.4][Forge][Minecraft 1.7.10]

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This Week i finished up my Vidoe on how to install Pixelmon mod for minecraft, Hope you like it it took me a full day to make and RENDER 0_0...well upload it, but hey i can't Complain it was easy recording compared to editing it, anyways Comment down below for qeustion or just for fun or tell me how amazing im at following directions ^-^ (not really....) and lets see if we can get 5 Smacks on that Like button that be AMAZING! :3 and hey if you want want to hit that Subscribe button for more amazing content hey thats all on you amigo's! ^0^

Website Links:

Pixelmon Mod Download's


PikaCity Server's Website

⦁ Server's Address-""(without the " ")

Indiegogo Life! (help donate to me for a better computer if you can spare that $$, anything is better then nothing)


Download link's below:

Forge Link Download(for the Lazy people :D, you know you want to :3)
⦁ Sorry link has been remove because of My Partnered Network's New rules I guess. Just download it from the the Website sorry for the Inconvenience.

Pixelmon 3.4 Download(for the very lazy poeple :)


Rei's Minimap Download


OptiFine 1.7.10 HD B5 Download
Just serach Optifine 1.7.10 HD B5 Download on google.

Pokemon ResourcePack Download



A Night Of Dizzy Spells-Album Resistor Anthems
Eric Skiff
I do not own this song all credit toward this song goes to Eric Skiff and other Contributing Artists.
Editing: TheFighterNb2
Recording footage: TheFighterNb2
Production: TheFighterNb2
I hope this a good Tutorial and hope you enjoyed Have a Wonderful Day :D
Special Thanks to my Mom for letting giving me birth to this world and Zach for such an Awesome Server to play on, as well the Creator of minecraft and Pixelmon mod and Pokemon :D Keep Being you Amigos Adios .....Byee!

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