Minecraft, But I'm An OP Anime Protagonist... (1.9 Combat)

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So I took just a little break from youtube. I will probably take a 'little' longer break if this doesn't get 400 likes, so you better make sure you LIKE and SHARE this video. You get 24 hours. Or else... mwahaha.

Oh and sorry for bad quality on some clips. Will be fixed. Youtube compression doesn't help either...

Do you have a job?
-Well in fact I've already retired 40 years ago as a military general. So I'm actually a veteran now.

How old are you?
-I'm turning 95 next month

What's your name in real life?
-Believe it or not, but it's actually LaidToFall.

Can you add me as a friend?
-Yes of course I can, but will I?

What pc do you have?
-I use a brand new HP pc with Intel HD Graphics, Intel Pentium 4 1,3GHz, 64gb HDD, Windows XP.

What editing software do use?
-What? You're editing with software? I use film rolls because they have way more flexibility.

What minecraft version are you using?
-I'm still using minecraft alpha, because it's hard to change something you're already so used to and also because the original version is always the best version out there.

Do you play games other than minecraft?
-To be honest, minecraft isn't quite intense as a game. If you're looking for an actual intense game, try playing mario party. That's my main game.

Why did you leave youtube?
-I actually should've stayed because being a successful minecraft youtuber is the highest achievement one can possibly achieve in life. (Besides winning mario party of course)

Where do you live?
-I'm living in Antarctica in an igloo with penguins

How do you have internet in an igloo?
-Well I mean it's quite obvious. I bought a router.

Are you even being serious at all?
-Don't be a fool, of course I'm serious. Would I ever lie to you?

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