Minecraft Mod Showcase 1.8 :: Better Hoes - 2 Minute Mods

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Better Hoes Mod - Minecraft 1.8 Mod Showcase - 2 Minute Mods
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Sick of the stupid old hoe? Well I got the perfect hoe mod just for you! No more long days farming.

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Welcome to my Minecraft Mod series called 2 Minute Mods. A brand epic series on Mod Showcases, where I showcase any small Minecraft mod in or under 2 Minutes.

Today's Minecraft Mod Showcase is the Better Hoes Mod, for Minecraft 1.8
You'll need need Minecraft Forge 1.8 for this mod to work. Click on the links below.

Minecraft Forge Download :: http://files.minecraftforge.net/
Better Hoes Mod :: https://sites.google.com/site/furglsmods/improved-hoes?pageId=103435990654473249910

Better Hoes Mod allows the player to hoe down large amounts of land at one time. Leaving the farmer with more time during the day.

Better Hoes might be Multiplayer compatible, easy and simple to install. Once you have Forge installed, locate your .minecraft, open up your mods folder, drag and drop the Improved-Hoes-Mod.jar file into the folder, close it all then run Minecraft.

Better Hoes also lets you automatically harvest a large range of crops around you. All you need to do is right click. There are also other hoes you can use for better hoeing land ability, listed below are the different types of hoes with it's range capability.
» Wood - 1x1
» Stone - 3x3
» Iron - 5x5
» Gold - 5x5
» Diamond - 7x7

Now, go out there, become the hoe master.

2 Minute Mods | Minecraft Better Hoes Mod 1.8 [Mod showcase]

That's my time for today, I hope you enjoyed today's Miinecraft Mod showcase, feel free to smash that Like button, subscribe for more Minecraft Mod showcases. And I'll see you all next time.

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