Minecraft Seeds - RABBITS And NPC Village At Spawn Seed! Minecraft Bunny Seed 1.8.3 / 1.8

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Minecraft seed with bunnies at spawn! It works only in 1.8.7 / 1.8.

Seed is: -881045815

So in this seed, you will spawn into taiga biome! In that spawn area you will find some bunnies/rabbits! :)

Rabbits will generally hop around aimlessly, avoiding players much as ocelots do. Also like ocelots, rabbits will approach players holding carrots but will spook and run away if the player turns too quickly or moves. Rabbits will also find and destroy mature carrot crops.
When hostile, the rabbit will not avoid players, and will attack any player within 4 blocks.
When tamed, rabbits will not avoid players, will follow their owner (slowly), and may be bred. Unlike other tamable mobs, rabbits cannot be made to sit. Tamed rabbits will teleport to the player similar to wolves and cats, although this can be prevented with a lead.
Rabbits, like iron golems, snow golems, chickens, and ocelots, don't take any fall damage.

SONG: CMA - You're Free

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