Minecraft Server Glitch! Free Stuff Glitch! Only Works On Certain Servers!

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Hello all you people who want to be rich on Minecraft (Any version) survival servers!
This Glitch was not founded bye me, I'm just passing along some glitching Joy! :D

1. Join a server that has mob arena and plotme creative.
2. Type /plotme auto if you don't have a plot. [if you do type /plotme home]
3. Get stuff you want to have in Survival! [On most servers anything will work] {Might not be able to through spawn eggs though}
4. type /ma join [arena name] {if there is 1 arena just do /ma join}
5. type /ma leave once you get to mobarena.
6. Go to a survival world with warps. [Ex: /warp wild] {Ex: /home} You can go to spawn with your items to.
7. *MAGIC* You have everything you had in your creative world!
8. HAVE FUN! [if u get banned it's not against me] {Don't get caught :P}
9. [Optional] {But very helpful} LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, SHARE WITH EVERYONE, and COMMENT! :) Thanks for watching! See you next time! PEACE.
[leave questions in the comments] {I'll do my best to reply :D}
Sorry for the bit of lag. I'll try to fix it in the next video.

New Glitch Video! Get Past Bedrock! Spreading around joy!

IP: [this is the server I did the video on.] {Doesn't work on this server anymore}

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