Minecraft Top 10 Servers In The World! | 2016 | [1.8] [1.8.9] | Best Of The Best

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Minecraft Top 10 Servers In The World 1.8, 1.8.8, 1.9

Here is the list of the best Minecraft servers in the world! This list includes Minecraft Minigame Servers, Minecraft PVP Servers, Minecraft Survival Servers and servers with many other features! No modded servers/mods included, vanilla only.

Minecraft Server #10: Rewinside Server (German Server/Deutsch Server)
Minecraft Server IP: Rewinside.tv
Games/Minigames: Survival Games, TrapSG, BedWars, Revo, JumpDown, GetDown

Minecraft Server #9: LastCraft (Russian Server/россиян server)
Minecraft Server IP: Play.Last-Craft.Com
Games/Minigames: VampireZ, Kit PVP, Sky Block, Creative, McMMO, Castle Wars, Parkour, Bed Wars, Hide and Seek, inTime, Survival Games, Hunger Games, Sky Wars, Build Battle, Creeper Attack
Arcade Games: Pacman, Splegg, Dragons, Dragon Escape, Runner, Quiver, Hot Potato, Build Battle, Snake

Minecraft Server #8: Cristalix Server (Russian Server/россиян server)
Minecraft Server IP: MG.Cristalix.Net
Games/Minigames: WAR, Annihilation, Grand Theft Minecraft, Zombie Mod, Hunger Games, Build Battle, Colony Wars, Bed Wars, PVP, Prison, JediCraft, Sky Wars, Azerus, CivCraft, MineZ
Arcade Games: Mob Arena, Paintball, Evil Dragons, Quake, Block Party, Hide'n'Seek, Speef, Wool Wars

Minecraft Server #7: Cosmic PVP Server
Minecraft Server IP: CosmicPVP.Com
Games/Minigames: The Cosmic Galaxy, The Vanilla Galaxy, The Practice Galaxy, The Event Galaxy,

Minecraft Server #6: The Hive Server
Minecraft Server IP: HiveMC.EU
Games/Minigames: SkyWars, Survival Games, Hide and Seek, The Herobrine, BlockParty, Splegg, Trouble in Mineville, DeathRun, Survival Games Solo, Drawit, TheLab, Cowboys and Indians, One in the Chamber, Survival Games Heroes, Parkour, Infected Arena, Infected Invasion
Arcade Games: Music Masters, Slaparoo, Cranked, Electric Floor,

Minecraft Server #5: Epic Cube Server (French Server/Français Serveur)
Minecraft Server IP: Play.Epicube.FR
Games/Minigames: SheepWars, PvpSwap, Pitchout, MouTron, Domination, CatchTheCow, FallenKingdoms, Arrow, UHCRun, UHCTheme, UHC, Survivor, Hunger Games, PayDay, IceRunner, Totem, AgeOfEmpire, DiscoSheep, EpicSmash, GhostBusters, Jump des Dieux

Minecraft Server #4: GommeHD Server (German Server/Deutsch Server)
Minecraft Server IP: GommeHD.Net
Games/Minigames: RageMode, SurvivalGames, TroubleInMinecraft, Zombies, Surf, BedWars, Conquest, Survival, PVP, Cores, SkyWars, EnderGames, Aura, ShoppingChaos

Minecraft Server #3: Cube Craft Server
Minecraft Server IP: CubeCraftGames.Net
Games/Minigames: Lucky Islands, Money Walls, Tower Defence, KitPVP, Assassination, EggWars, BlockWars, Parkour SkyWars, SurvivalGames, Free Build(Skyblock, Creative, Factions), Ultra Hardcore, Control Point
Arcade: Quake Craft, Super Craft Bros, Hide and Seek, TNTRun, Paintball, Parkour Minigame, Spleef, Hour Glass

Minecraft Server #2: MinePlex Server
Minecraft Server IP: Mineplex.Com
Games/Minigames: The Bridges, Capture The Flag, MineStrike, Draw My Thing, Dominate, Survival Games, Type Wars, Gladiators, SkyWars, Team Deathmatch, Super Smash Mobs, UHC, Castle Siege, Master Builders, Block Hunt, Wizards, Christmas Chaos, Monster Maze, Mineplex Clans, Snow Fight
Arcade: Super Spleef, Runner, Dragons, One in the Quiver, Dragon Escape, Sneaky Assassins, Micro Battle, Super Paintball, Turf Wars, Death Tag, Bacon Brawl

Minecraft Server #1: Hypixel Server
Minecraft Server IP: MC.Hypixel.Net
Games/Minigames: Cops and Crims, Blitz Survival Games, The Walls, Paintball Warfare, VampireZ, Pixel Painters, Crazy Walls, Smash Heroes, Santa Says, Turbo Kart Racers, Arena Brawl, Build Battle, SkyWars, Mega Walls, Quakecraft, Warlords, UHC Champions, Player Housing, Adventure Lobby
TNT Games: TNT Run, PVP Run, Bow Spleef, TNT Tag, TNT Wizards
Arcade Games: Build Battle, Galaxy Wars, Hole in the Wall, The Blocking Dead, Farm Hunt, Creeper Attack, Party Games, Ender Spleef, Bounty Hunters, Dragon Wars

Honorable Mentions:
Timolia Server: Play.Timolia.De
MC Central Server: MC-Central.Net
LiteCloud Server: MC.Litecloud.Me
Bad Lion Server: NA.BadLion.Net
OmegaCraft Server: OmegaCraft.CL
SkyDoesMinecraft Server: SKGA.ME
LichCraft Server: US.LichCraft.Com

Minecraft Top 10 Servern in der Welt! | Beste der Besten
Minecraft Топ 10 серверов в мире! | Лучший из лучших
Minecraft Top 10 des serveurs dans le monde! | Meilleur des meilleurs
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