My Friends TRAPPED ME IN PRISON On A Minecraft SMP

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My Friends TRAPPED ME IN PRISON On a Minecraft SMP. This was insane and I hated it.

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My Friends TRAPPED ME IN PRISON On a Minecraft SMP, This wasn't the first time my Friends have LOCKED ME IN PRISON On a Minecraft SMP. Recently I was BETRAYED By My Friends On a Minecraft SMP in the video called "My Friends BETRAYED ME on a Minecraft SMP..." This video is part of my Failure SMP series that I do. This is just a different rendition of it, not like My Friends BETRAYED ME on a Minecraft SMP... or I Won a WAR on a Minecraft SMP... but My Friends TRAPPED ME IN PRISON On a Minecraft SMP. This Minecraft Prison is inescapable. Escaping Minecraft's Most Perfect Prison (gaia's vault v3) ft. SeenSven.

Unlike the other Minecraft YouTubers, you may know like Tommyinnit or dream or georgenotfound or Tubbo or Parrot or ranboo or even Wilbur soot, something all your favorite youtuber were too scared to do.

The Failure SMP is a fun semi-anarchy server / Minecraft SMP made for JJ's close friends/content creators to grow on youtube or just have fun!

In my videos, I usually do Minecraft, but 100 players, Minecraft, but challenges and all sorts of videos like that. I also do other Minecraft Challenges like Minecraft Manhunt, Minecraft speedrun, Minecraft pvp, Minecraft war and so much more. I try to make videos similar to Tommyinnit or Dream or Sapnap or Gerogenotfound or Technoblade. They're also inspired by Minecraft Curios, Linus Studios, and AJTHEBOLD. I hope you enjoy this Minecraft Manhunt / Minecraft Challenge / Minecraft 100 players. This is a Minecraft SMP video.

Song: Ivan Shpilevsky - The Time (No Copyright Music)
Music provided by Tunetank.
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#failuresmp​​​ #smpwar #MinecraftRevenge

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