Proj. Wiske Pro | 1.13+ Wither Skeleton Farm [1 Dimension] [30.7 Skulls/min]

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A project by TIS-Lab, A single dimension high-end wither skeleton farm for 1.13+
Video by KatouMegumi_
KatouMegumi_'s showcase only version:

Main Contributers:
Ajvej: pigman stuffs in the blast chamber
TT's blaze farm 50% density 10bps spawn pad layout idea
chino_desu, hosting the server for 24/7 farm test runs

- Toggle-able wiske filter. It can specialize in wither skeleton haversting, or gather all the fortress mobs
- Flawless 1-tnt-kill blast chamber to say goodbye to misc mobs, also predamages wiske to let the player 1-hit-kill the coming wiske (1.13~1.15)
- Minimum coupling between wiring timing and the clock period, you can run it for a single cycle or easily change the clock period:
24gt for highest possible 1 cap rate
36gt for balance between lag and rate
72gt for server lag friendliness
- Precise & Efficient 4core sweeping killing chamber and fast xp burner layout
- Lossless (almost) item collection system
- Less than 10 pumpkin loss per hour (tested with wiske filter on)
- Zombie reinforce proof
- Mostly dustless wiring (better in 1.13 version)

1 cap, filter on, 24gt clock: 30.7skulls/min
2 cap, filter on, 36gt clock: 45.7skulls/min
2 cap, filter off, 36gt clock: 317k drops/h (32.4shulls/min, 47.4k blaze rods/h)
1 cap, filter on, 24gt clock: 28.8skulls/min (<3 small magma cubes) (I get 29.0skulls/min in the released world tho but too lazy to updated the data)
1 cap, filter on, 24gt clock: 30.3skulls/min (<3 piglin and explosion explosure changes)

Detailed information of above rates: (in Chinese tho)

Ranges from 28~46mspt
in different configures (clock, mobcap, mode)
with carpet + lithium (TISCM porting for 1.13.2, 0.4.6 for 1.15.2, 0.6.4 for 1.16.4)
with quality hardware (E-2288G, i9-10900K)

- It takes ~6 double chest of shulker boxes of carved pumpkin to fill the farm up. You can feed the item filter hoppers with box unloaders and manually start up the dropper clock stuffs to fill the pumpkins
- The farm is directional (30bps elevator). Don't rotate it. Maybe you can mirror it or rotate it for 180 degree but idk and use at your own risk
- The fortress should has its lower outer bounding box border at y=47 for a proper rate
- Stop lazy! Remove the bedrock roof and design the storage room / better control panel yourself

[World Downloads] pwd:2u6g
"[1.13]" stuffs are for 1.13.x ~ 1.15.x
"[1.16]" stuffs are for ≥1.16.x

Music: SRNO-Darling, 风子-你必须在一个荒唐的夜,骑着摩托穿过下雨的街
Shader: BSL8.1
TIS Discord:
Editted Discord:

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