RED HOW HAVE YOU DONE SO MUCH!? | Minecraft Two Truths and a Lie

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Hey guys, welcome back to another Minecraft 2 Truths and a Lie! Today SkyDoesMinecraft is joined by ThatGuyBarney, RedVacktor, and Mithzan, with Barney as the liar and Red as the guesser. Barney first agrees to slapbox with Sky if the video reaches 100,000 likes, then he lists his favorite movie as Finding Nemo, claims he’s used Bing Points promotion in the past, and he’s read parts of an Almanac before. Red incorrectly guesses the lie to be Bing, when it’s really Almanac. Max bans Barney for using Bing, then it’s Barney’s turn to guess Sky’s lies. Sky claims he’s never played Yokai Watch, the new Star Fox, or Ocarina of Time the full way through – Barney guesses Yokai Watch for the lie, but it’s really that he never finished Ocarina of Time. Now Sky has to guess Red’s lie from his list, in which he claims he has a cousin who used to be a famous reggae singer, he’s played soccer for nine years, and he’s been to Alaska. Sky decides Red hasn’t been to Alaska, and he’s right. Sky is the guesser again for Max, and if he gets it right he’ll win the round. He guesses that Max didn’t eat a granola bar this morning, but the lie is that he has a single suit – he has two. Red is the liar again and Max has to pick what part of Red’s annoyingly interesting history is incorrect. Max isn’t sure if Red’s been skydiving yet, but finally Red reveals that Max is wrong and he’s never actually been to the White House. I mean he’s sung for the Pope, but not visited the White House. He doesn’t deserve the name Americas Man. Max tries to win a round when he lists “Overwatch is the greatest game ever made, Overwatch is a game, Overwatch is the worst game ever made,” but, shockingly, Barney correctly guesses that Overwatch is most definitely not the worst game ever made. Next, Barney claims that he’s had his fingernails painted, he’s afraid of heights, and he’s done a high rope course – Max is thrown off by the contradiction of Barney being afraid of heights and doing a high rope course, so he guesses that the fear of heights is wrong. The lie is actually that he’s never had his nails painted, and that wins Barney the game. For the second game, the liar is Max and the guesser is Barney. Barney guesses that Max has never been to Massachusetts, but the lie is really about the name of his childhood cat. Now Sky has to guess Barney’s lie, and he chooses that Barney’s never been to Arizona. The tables turn, and Sky decides to get revenge by saying “I’ve known Red longer than Max, I’ve known Barney longer than Red, I’ve known Max longer than Barney.” Barney correctly guesses that Sky hasn’t known Red longer than Max, and Sky has to guess Red’s lie. Red claims he knows how to ice skate, he didn’t get his license till he was twenty, and he was born in San Diego, to which Sky responds, “Red, how old are you?” Red’s answer to which is “twenty,” to which Sky’s answer is that Red got his license before he was twenty. Red reveals to general shock and dismay that he, in fact, did not get his license until he was twenty. Max makes a huge fool of himself during his turn, and then it’s Barney’s turn to guess Red’s lie. He guesses that Red hasn’t read each Lord of the Rings book, and it wins him the game. That’s it for this Minecraft 2 Truths and a Lie – thanks for watching, and we’ll see you next time!

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