Response: Debunking The Unsolved Mystery Of Minecraft's Longest Jump

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This video is a response to a video that had some harsh criticism about my "Unsolved Mystery of Minecraft's Longest Jump". Watch until the end please!

I respond to some of it, as well as react to some of it.

Not really much more to say about this video. Please don't send hate to happyheart, as I believe he had good intentions, just misguided by some members of his community that had less pure intentions. I want the best for the parkour community, just as I want the best for the speedrun community and the youtube community and so on. If I could go back I definitely would re-word a lot of the video, particularly the last minute or so.

In an effort to make the video more enthralling, I speculated about a 6 block jump (although that is not possible) and I was not entirely careful about my verbiage. As well as not having a full understanding of all the mechanics that I talked about.

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