WHO IS YOUR DADDY!? | Minecraft Cops N Robbers (Who's Your Daddy)

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Ross – https://www.youtube.com/RagingHouse
Max – https://www.youtube.com/MithzanProductions
Red – https://www.youtube.com/RedVacktor
Taylor – https://www.youtube.com/AntVenom

Hey guys, welcome back to another Minecraft video! SkyDoesMinecraft is playing this Cops n Robbers with AntVenom, House_Owner, Mithzan, and RedVacktor! Today’s Cops n Robbers is baby themed, and Red terrifies everyone by emerging from his cell as an excessively tall, giant baby. Taylor disowns him, saying that he’s too ugly to be his child. Ross talks about losing his gills, but what he really looks forward to is losing his second face. Everyone else is excited for that too. Sky pushes Max into a pit because there can be only one baby – he immediately faces retribution when he falls down and dies. Sky causes a glitch in the Matrix which makes Max fall through the floor, and he gets stuck in the pit underground while Sky helplessly runs circles around the hole. Taylor begins killing his babies, and Sky pleads for mercy for DJ Baby Adam. Taylor announces that if a single baby makes it to the boat, he will spare them all – however, if any of them fails, he will kill them all. That’s some serious dadding right there. Max makes it to the boat and goes through puberty, then promptly becomes a meme lord. Max then grows up all the way and reveals himself to be their actual dad – Sky reveals his OTP, Antzan, in which Taylor is actually the mom of all these babies. Max regresses back to a child then goes through puberty all over again. Poor guy. Ross continues to foil Sky’s attempts to reach the boat until Sky gives up, and that’s it for this Baby Cops n Robbers! Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you next time!

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